Sunday, 6 September 2015

Jesus' Holiday


At Little Rocks this morning we have been looking at the Bible passage from Mark 7 verses 24-37 which is about Jesus' holiday and how it wasn't really a break for Jesus.

This was our first session back from the summer holidays, so after our opening prayer we chatted about everyone's summer holidays, where we had all been and what we had done. 

We especially focused on people from other countries visiting our country, and 2 of our members had been camping in Dorset and the people in the next door tent were visiting the UK. We talked about how these visitors might have felt if they couldn't understand or speak English. We also considered how their Mum might have felt going camping as she still had to cook and clean, just in a tent rather than at home!

Normally we listen to the Bible story first, but today Helen helped us to make some stick puppets so could take part in the story. We made puppets of Jesus, 2 Disciples, a Woman from another country, a Man who couldn't hear or speak, and some other people who were in a crowd. Here are two of our members with the puppets they made:

After we had finished our puppets, Helen read the Bible story which was about Jesus' holiday and we joined in with our puppets:

Jesus had gone to a different country as he wanted a holiday, and a rest with his friends. But it's no good because people always find out where he is. A woman from another country comes into the house where Jesus is staying and interrupts them because her daughter is very ill and she wants Jesus to heal her. Jesus is quite rude to the woman and tells her off, but the woman answers Jesus back and won't be quiet until Jesus helps her. Jesus didn't really mind that the woman was like this, and told her to go back to her daughter and that she would be healed ... and she was!

Jesus and his friends then went to another country, but again people found out he was there. This time a crowd of people pushed a man who couldn't hear or speak to Jesus. Jesus healed him too but in a funny way - Jesus put his fingers in the man's ears so he could hear, and then Jesus spat on his own hand and then put this on the man's tongue saying "Be opened!". And guess what? The man could hear and speak again! Jesus wants to continue with a quiet holiday so he tells the man not to say anything, but the man is so excited that he runs back to the crowd shouting that he is healed. The crowd is amazed by this so they start telling everyone and the noise gets louder and louder!

After our story, we thought that Jesus might have ended his holiday and gone back home because he didn't really have a rest at all! We also talked about the fact that the crowd didn't see Jesus heal the man. When we pray to Jesus, we often share things with Him and sometimes we don't see how he answers but this doesn't matter - Jesus is still there and He helps people who ask.

We then had our closing prayer, and joined our families and the rest of the congregation for the last bit of the service. Reverend Anne asked us to come up to the front of the Church and tell all the grown ups what we had been doing, so we showed everyone our puppets.

See you next time!
The Little Rocks Leaders

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